The adventure began…

I started this blog to keep people updated while I taught English for four years at Destino del Reino in Siguatapeque, Honduras. It is an amazing school with a George Mueller philosophy – what God wants for us, He will provide for us (and He has, so many times! There are some astounding stories on their website). 

Officially, I was a volunteer teacher. But really, I was more than that. I was a nurse, a judge, a police officer. A counselor, a role model, a friend. A sister, an aunt. A mother. And by the grace of God, they were my children. 

Now our loving Father has brought me into the next chapter of this great adventure book, and I am reminded that although the setting and characters are ever changing, the Author is the same. And the goal is always Love – to receive it from the Father and overflow. So I keep walking, keep seeking, keep asking, keep knocking to go deeper into His heart. Because with an infinite God, the adventure never ends. 

I would love to have you praying for me, and I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on a post with any questions or comments you have for me. Thank you! 😊

Dios le bendiga. 

~ Bethany Nicole

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