Field Day 2017 (with pictures!)

Field Day was a blast today! We were a bit nervous yesterday, because there was a torrential rain shower in the afternoon that flooded part of the school, and it rained substantially last night as well. Normally that means the field (that we needed for a third of the games) turns into a swamp. I was praying yesterday and this morning that the field would somehow be miraculously dry, and Alexa was praying for a day that was overcast, but not rainy, and they both came true! Sometimes, you just gotta ask. Abba takes care of us, even in the little things.

We were able to have three groups for the first time, since this is our first year with the new gymnasium. Alexa and I had third and fourth grade (which we have co-taught the past two years). It was really fun to be able to just have some fun with these kids that we have spent so much time loving on and pouring into for so long.

We started on the court with a water bucket relay, balloon pop relay, basketball shootout, water balloon toss, and baton relay. The kids were really good about cheering for each other, although we did have to have a little talk about good sportsmanship before we moved on to the next area.

Field Day 2017 - courtAfter a bathroom break, we moved on to the gym. We had a completely different set of games there, including bean bag toss (which kind of turned into shuffleboard), pass the hula hoop, mountain of shoes, and bean bag balance relay. Even Prepa got in on the fun at the end!Field Day 2017 - gym

The last place on our schedule was the field, with all of our races: egg race, sack race, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, crab race, half and full-field dashes, and to finish it all off, a free-for-all marathon at the end. They were very tired at the end of it all, but still not too tired to have some extra silliness!

Field Day 2017 - field

Today was both wonderful and surprisingly difficult for me. To read more about that, click here.

I will leave you with my absolute favorite picture of the day. To me, this picture exemplifies everything that I have been trying to instill in my kids for these four years. Kindness. Helping one another. Reaching out a hand even if it gets you a little dirty. All expressions of the ultimate goal, which is to love LIKE Jesus because we are loved BY Jesus. May these children continue to be built up into mighty leaders for the kingdom. Leaders who lead by sacrificially serving and a daily abiding in the Vine.


Dios le bendiga.


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