Dia de Misiones 2017

Quick update for March! This last Friday Destino Escuela (1st – 6th grade) had our annual “Dia de Missiones” (Missions Day), which is our biggest day of the year. Every year, we prepare and pray that God will touch and open the kids’ hearts to see that there is more to the world than just their aldea (community), or even Siguatepeque or Honduras. Our hope is that God will lay it on their hearts through this day to be involved in praying for countries across the world, and perhaps one day to go there and share the gospel. This year my country was Vanuatu, a group of 82 small islands of the northeast coast of Australia. We try to give the kids a taste of the dress, culture, and food of each country. This year, we served a potato, onion, and coconut milk soup. Some of the grades didn’t want to have anything to do with it, and some never stopped asking for more!

The other countries the kids visited that day were Brasil, Kyrgistan, Japan, and Nigeria. We also always have a short movie about a missionary as our sixth station.

MD - countries

At the end of the day the kids leave with 5 small recuerdos (souvenirs), usually small flags of each country. This year, we chose to make fish on poles to remind them of Vanuatu, with Matthew 4:19 on the back – “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They also leave with a folder full of information about each of the countries that they can read at home with their families. I was happy to find out recently that some of my 7th graders still have their Missions Day folder from 2 or 3 years ago!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support. You mean more to us than you know as we work to “Build Leaders for the Kingdom.” Please pray that the heart of this day – “Go and make disciples” – will sink deep into the heart of each and every student, and they will begin to live this message as the Lord grows and develops them into His leaders. Also please be praying for colegio Missions Day coming up in May. The English teachers have to do all the research on the country, but the actual presentation is created by the students and then presented to the entire colegio (7th-9th grade) and Bachillerato (10th & 11th grade). Please pray that the process will produce much growth and realization as the  students research the culture, present a missionary story, and compare the religion of each country to Christianity.

Dios le bendiga,


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