A couple weeks ago we finished our Parcial 1 exam week, which entailed not only testing and grading my third graders on paper, but also orally testing each of my second graders individually in 3 subjects and figuring out what to leave my assistant to do in the classroom while I was testing everyone. Needless to say, that was a very long process.

My third grade class is the last of the day before we leave school. On the Tuesday of exam week, we were finishing up our vocabulary test when I realized it was 3:03 pm. My assistant opened the door to realize that all of the students and both buses had already left (The buses never leave until at least 3:10). We were left alone in the school with an entire class of third-graders after everyone had gone for the day. The school bell had not rung, and I was in the middle of finishing up my test with them, so I had failed to hear the (usually very noisy) lineup to head out. We ended up having a back-and-forth time to the playground, from the playground, getting out coloring sheets, and putting them away before the bus returned. At 3:30, all the third graders and the two of us left for home, but by then it was too late to make it to Spanish class, and it was time to take the bus back to Destino to pick up all the colegio students. I’m pretty sure I spent over two hours on the bus that day. But I haven’t missed the bus lineup since!


A couple weeks before that was our first at-home futbol tournament of the year, so all the classes were out to cheer on our little Mosquitoes (2nd-4th grade) as they played Providencia, another bilingual school in Sigua.

DSCF0726It was a really fun, relaxing day that I absolutely needed just to chill with and enjoy my kids. I was able to sit and play with them, and at one point, I had a whole group gathered around me, begging, “Sing, Teacher, sing!” So we all sang some songs together. I exhausted my meager Spanish song repertoire, and we sang some that they knew in English as well. It was great fun.

DSCF0847And of course, I took my camera and managed to get some absolutely precious photos,

DSCF0736some pretty ridiculous photos,

DSCF0737and even a selfie or two. 😉


After exams is the hectic week I affectionately call “grade week” (but have a few other less affectionate names for as well). Over half of my 2nd graders failed at least one subject in English, some more than one, so I was rather nervous about trying to explain to all these parents why their kids are failing my class. Plus, I wasn’t even really sure why their kids were failing my class and felt like quite a failure as a teacher myself. That week was an emotional roller coaster, and I was a wreck. But thankfully, nobody died, and I’m still here to tell the tale, so God is good. 😉


Since then, life has slowed down to its regular hectic pace. This past week held a visit to a local restaurant, where I had a baleada on a tortilla a great deal larger than my head; church on Wednesday night (with a sermon in English from a visiting pastor! Yay!); a death of the sister of one of our teachers on Thursday; my first attempt at making a stir-fry sauce Friday night; a seminar at Destino Saturday morning; leading a worship night at a local cafe Saturday night, and baptisms after church today. I was able to see many former students, some currents students, and a couple of my students’ moms make a proclamation of their faith this evening, followed by a dinner of spaghetti and (you guessed it) beans and rice. Finally, as a good night kiss from my Daddy, we came home to find a small campfire in the street outside our neighbors’ house, so we ran over to the mercadito, bought some marshmallows and chocolate, and had smore’s as a delicious end to this weekend.


Only a couple weeks more until Thanksgiving, and a few more after that until Christmas! The weeks have dragged on (at least some of them), but the months have flown by. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of this year, but I’m still taking each day as a step of faith.


Please continue to pray:

– For me to hold on steadfastly, keep my focus on my Lord, and live as an expression of His love.
– That I figure out how best to teach my 2nd grade class, and how to best manage my 3rd grade class.
– That the transition from fun drama games to the more serious and focused activities I have planned will go smoothly, and the teens will be open to working and sharing together as a whole.
– For a few of the boys specifically, in 2nd, 2rd, and 4th grade, to receive a touch from the Lord for the many problems going on in their lives. If you would like a name and story to pray for, you can email me and I will send you that information.


Thank you so much for all you do. Dios le bendiga.


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